Your users is no longer just on desktop computers. The amount of devices is exploding, but so is the range and fragmentation. Every year dozens of new devices with new operating systems and software versions are launched.

For designers and developers, it can be very difficult to make a website or app that is both responsive and easy-to-use on all these different devices. We are here to make testing and development easier on multiple devices across mulitple platforms.

How it works

The device lab is open for anybody. Open Device Lab Copenhagen is part of the ODL grass-roots community movement.

All our devices are installed with apps for testing. We use Adobe Edge Inspect, Skala Preview, Sketch Mirror, BrowserStack and other useful tools.

Before you pop by for testing, please write when you would like to use the lab. Send a mail If you haven't tried to test on multiple devices or have questions about where to start. We will help you with the setup.


Vendor Model System Version Sponsor
Apple iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 Martin Sandholt
Apple iPhone 5 iOS 8 Zenia Francker
Apple iPad 3 iOS 9 Martin Sandholt
Samsung Galaxy 2 Android - CyanogenMod 4.4.4 - 11 Helder Almeida
Samsung Galaxy Y Android 2.3.6 Martin Sandholt
Samsung Galaxy 3 Android 4.4.4 Bellmetric
HTC Incredible S Android 4.0.4 Ilja Panic
Raspberry Pi B Raspbian 3.18 Martin Sandholt
Sony PlayStation 4 ? ? Founders House


Open Device Lab Copenhagen is part of Founders House and is located at

Startup Village

It is a short walk from Islands Brygge metro station.

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